DHEA , Melatonin and Pregnenolone Supplements for Australia and New Zealand


It is extremely difficult to find DHEA, Melatonin and Pregnenolone in Australia and New Zealand but there is a solution.Healthhub247 is the answer. Healthhub247  is an international business that assists health professionals and their patients in obtaining DHEA and Pregnenolone via a patient ordering system created by Healthhub247,

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These products need to be used in strict direction by a health professional so if you purchase on line though Healthhub247. you will be linked to one of our health professionals to assist you with your dosage and usage requirements if you do not have a health professional of your own.


  • DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone the most sufficient adrenal steroid hormone in the body. It is made by the adrenal glands and subsequently move into body cells and get converted into androgens and estrogens. The amount of hormone that DHEA  converts to depends of several factors such as the individual's gender, age and biochemistry.
  • DHEA supplement Promotes healthy immune system, and enhance a general sense of wellness. Very helpful to men and women between ages of 40 and 70 by gradually enhancing their physical and psychological outlook.
  • DHEA is developed only in the laboratory by extracting diosgenin from wild yam and making it undergo a proprietary synthetic process which cannot take place I human body.
  • Studies involving men and postmenopausal women imply that DHEA intake may encourage a healthy ratio of mass of lean muscle to fat.
  • DHEA has been proven to support healthy sexual  function, this confirmed by placebo-controlled study.


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Pregnenolone is the starting point from which all steroid hormones are manufactured in our bodies. Its conversion in the body follows different pathways, depending on individual needs. Several clinical studies have demonstrated that pregnenolone may enhance psychomotor performance and decrease fatigue in healthy subjects.*

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Melatonin Sleep

  • Promotes the body's natural sleep cycle*
  • Helps augment the natural functioning of the pineal gland*
  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients

Melatonin helps facilitate the natural functioning of the pineal gland to support the body's sleep and wake cycle. *

Melatonin is a hormone that’s involved in the body’s circadian rhythm and sleep cycle, as well the regulation of a variety of body functions.* It’s production is triggered by darkness, with levels peaking around midnight and gradually tapering off by morning. Natural melatonin production is known to decrease with age.

What Is It?

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, the organ that regulates the body’s wake/sleep/wake cycle. The hormone is activated by darkness and depressed by light.*

Uses For Melatonin

Promotes Natural Sleep Cycles: Melatonin nutritionally augments the functioning of the pineal gland, supporting the body’s natural sleep cycle. In one study, melatonin supported sleep onset when taken in the evening and did not cause morning drowsiness. A double blind, placebo-controlled, parallel design study suggested that melatonin supplementation enhanced sleep onset and sleep quality in subjects. One double blind placebo-controlled study involving an international flight crew suggested that melatonin supported healthy sleep and recovery patterns in these individuals.*

What Is The Source?

This supplement contains 99.5% pure synthetic melatonin.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Precautions?

Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women. May have sedating effects and is for bedtime use only. This product may be contraindicated in depression, seasonal affective disorder, schizophrenia, autoimmune disease, asthma and for individuals taking MAO inhibitors or corticosteroids. Individuals with diabetes should consult their physician before using this product.

Are There Any Potential Drug Interactions?

Individuals taking MAO inhibitors or corticosteroids should not use this product.

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