Why you Need Foods High in Antioxidants.


Antioxidants are an often spoken about as essential ingredients for the family in the fitness industry. With a positive reputation for their effects on your body, many people recommend them as part of a healthy diet. Whether it be a doctor or a fitness instructor, expect antioxidants to be a commonly brought up topic.

Now, while foods high in antioxidants are good for your body, not many people actually know what those ingredients  are. All that is known is that they’re good for you, and that you should consume them.

As such, we’ve designed this article for you, to explain what they actually are, in addition to outlining antioxidants health benefits.

It’s all about body inflammation.

Body inflammation, like antioxidants, are often talked about “malfunctions” in your body, where it is common advice to reduce them as much as possible. Again, not many people know what inflammation is.

So what are inflammations, and antioxidants? Let’s start with inflammations.

Inflammations are basically swelling in your body which trigger as an autoimmune response, in order to get rid of pathogens and infections in tissue. The inflammation of the tissue aims to isolate and deprive pathogens and dead cells of resources, eventually expelling them from the body.

Inflammations themselves are not bad, unless they trigger excessively. This could be as a result of an unhygienic lifestyle, where such a response has to be triggered often. Being something that can occur in any body tissue, inflammations can be ignored, or they can be debilitating (arthritis being an example).

To reduce the excess swellings and triggers of inflammation responses, antioxidants health benefits are usually sought. Those benefits can be found either through foods, or through supplements.

Consumption of antioxidants to control inflammation.

As a general rule, we recommend the consumption of natural foods as a source of antioxidants. We tend to not favor supplementations, as the chemicals within may contribute to autoimmune responses.

Many pharmaceuticals may unfortunately underestimate the side-effects of the drugs they produce. The chemicals within, while they may be designed to get rid of an ailment, might contribute in triggering of another. The ailment we’re talking about in this case, would be inflammation.

An awkward finding is that some of the best antioxidants available in natural foods, also happen to come from “intensely tasting sources”. Excellent examples of this, would be citrus fruits, and garlic.

Benefits of Antioxidants.

Those include the removal of free radicals in your body, and also improvement of your skin and immunity systems.

Free radicals are oxygen particles in your bloodstream that react with your genes and cells in your body, causing damage over time, and eventually, inflammation breakouts. Reduction of this cellular damage, occurs when you consume more antioxidants.

Improvement of skin and immunity systems is also a feature of antioxidants. With the skin, ultraviolet rays cause oxidative stress on your skins, which is counteracted and removed through antioxidants. Immunity system improvement is a by-product of free radical removal, since the free radicals do not reach with white blood cells anymore.

Overall, antioxidants are compounds that should be included in your diet. The health benefits are sure to last for the long-term!

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  • Jeffrey Croucher