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There are three fundamental etiological pathways leading to degenerative disorders, one of which is Parkinson’s disease.


These pathways are suppressed trauma occurring in utero or early in life; environmental toxins including foods, food additives, agro chemicals, cleaners, body care products and many other generally used chemicals; chronic infections – primarily Borrelia (18 species) and Bartonella henslae.


As healthcare practitioners, it is our job to discover the pathway or pathways that have lead our patient into degeneration, then create strategies to reverse the illness processes and develop wellness processes.


There is no “cure” for Parkinson’s disease, but it is possible to become well (free from symptoms), as demonstrated by my own recovery and a number of others around the world, and live a healthy fulfilling life despite dire prognoses from western medicine.


Self help, personal development, lifestyle choices, food choices, detoxification, supplements, homeopathic remedies, exercise and nervous system support can all play a role in recovery from the set of symptoms often identified as Parkinson’s disease.


John C. Coleman ND, 2017