PEA-Neuro Pea 3gm x 7-7 Pack (1 week Supply) PHENYLETHYLAMINE Pure Powder

Product Description


Phenylethylamine or PEA is naturally occurring alkaloids that have functioned as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter. It has potential benefits as a stimulant, and as a way to elevate mood and to promote feelings of well-being. If you have been feeling run down lately and possibly a little depressed, then Phenylethylamine might be an excellent way to improve your spirits in a natural fashion.

Dopamine is a hormone that has a role in feelings of wellness, while noradrenaline is a stimulant hormone that increases heart rate, blood pressure, and blood flow. Phenylethylamine Increases in such hormones have the twofold effect of improving mood, as well as improving exercise performance through increased blood delivery.

It has been shown that levels of Phenylethylamine in the body increases as a result of exercise and has been hypothesized that it may be one of the compounds responsible for the psychologically positive effects of exercise.

Therefore, increasing levels of Phenylethylamine through supplementation may be beneficial.
Phenylethylamine is included in some pre-workout supplements and concentrated pre-workout supplements to potentially improve exercise performance and elevate mood during training.
It is also found in some fat burners to improve mood during periods of weight loss.


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