Product Description


Ideal energy boost during detox !

Harnessing natures power of fermentation to enhance absorption.this protein powder provides the unique combination of organic biofermented sprouted organic brown rice protein with fermented super greens. The protein provides energy while maintaining muscle mass. The fermented super greens act to detoxify the liver while alkalinising and cleansing the body. We added citrate form minerals to help the body to buffer acidity common to both the modern western diet and the metabolic by-products we naturally produce.

Fermented foods have the added benefit of providing pre-digested, highly absorbable proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and healthy bacteria further enhancing their benefits and helping to keep the immune system and digestive system supported.

-Energy giving

-Organic fermented raw ingredients

-Complete amino acid profile

-Contains healthy organic bacteria

-Alkalinising to buffer body PH


-Natural source of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes.

-Gluten free

-Dairy free

-No added sugar

-No artificial colours flavours or ingredients


Ingredients: Organic Bio-Fermented Raw Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, Fermented Organic Super Greens Blend (Barley grass 25%, Alfalfa grass 17%, Oat Grass 17%, Wheat Grass 16%, Spirulina 14%, Sweet Potato 6%, Chlorella 2%, Dunellia Salina 2%, Kelp 0.95%, Agave 0.05%) Natural Flavour, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Citrate, Stevia, Xanthan Gum.

Suggested Use: 30gm (one heaped scoop) in 300ml of water.

Store Product in a cool dry place

Nutritional Information

                                                                Per Serve (30gm)              Per 100gm

Energy                                  432.48kj                               1441.6kj

Protein                                 19.54g                                  65.13g

Fat-Total                                              0.62g                                     2.06g

Saturates                                             0.09g                                     0.3g

Carbohydrates Total                       6.31g                                     21.03g

Sugars                                                   0.25g                                     0.83g

Dietary Fibre                                      0.94g                                     3.14g

Sodium                                                 0.44mg                                 1.46mg

Calcium                                                208.26mg                            694.2mg

Magnesium                                        100.86mg                             336.2mg

Potassium                                           99.99mg                               333.31mg

Iron                                                        3.29mg                 10.98mg

Alanine                                 1.15g                                     3.84g

Arginine                                               1.6g                                       5.34g

Aspartic Acid                                      2.14g                                     7.13g

Cysteine                                               0.56g                                     1.88g

Glutamic Acid                                    4.05g                                    13.49g

Glycine                                 0.74g                                     2.47g

Histadine                                             0.53g                                     1.76g

Isoleucine                                            1.37g                                     4.57g

Leucine                                                 2.14g                                     7.13g

Lysine                                                    1.2g                                        4.01g

Methionine                                        0.54g                                     1.8g

Phenylalanine                                    1.03g                                     3.43g

Proline                                  1.43g                                     4.78g

Serine                                                   1.16g                                     3.86g

Threonine                                           1.12g                                     3.72g

Tryptophan                                         0.37g                                     1.22g

Tyrosine                                               0.96g                                     3.21g

Valine                                                   1.42g                                     4.72g

L-Lysine                                                1.2g                                        4.01g