Sleep Melatonin 5mg Sunlingual Peppermint 50 Tablets Clean Science Nutrition-POP Product

Product Description

Sleep Melatonin Sublingual Peppermint 5mg 50 Tablets-POP (Practitioner Only Product)

Melatonin is a neurohormone produced in humans by the pineal gland. A favorite of travelers, it governs the body's circadian rhythms, helping the body ease into restful sleep. Melatonin is also a potent antioxidant.

Clean Science Nutrition’s Timed Release Melatonin is formulated to allow for a gradual release of the active ingredient during an approximate six hour period. This provides the body with a more even absorption of melatonin.


The Benefit of Sublinguals

Some nutrients may break down during liver metabolism. The sublingual form is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, via the blood vessels under the tongue and in the cheeks, bypassing the liver and allowing for quick entry into the system.

What Is It?

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, the organ that regulates the body’s wake/sleep/wake cycle. The hormone is activated by darkness and depressed by light.*

Uses For Melatonin

 Promotes Natural Sleep Cycles: Melatonin nutritionally augments the functioning of the pineal gland, supporting the body’s natural sleep cycle. In one study, melatonin supported sleep onset when taken in the evening and did not cause morning drowsiness. A double blind, placebo-controlled, parallel design study suggested that melatonin supplementation enhanced sleep onset and sleep quality in subjects. One double blind placebo-controlled study involving an international flight crew suggested that melatonin supported healthy sleep and recovery patterns in these individuals.*

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Precautions?

 Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women. May have sedating effects and is for bedtime use only. This product may be contraindicated in depression, seasonal affective disorder, schizophrenia, autoimmune disease, asthma and for individuals taking MAO inhibitors or corticosteroids. Individuals with diabetes should consult their physician before using this product.


Are There Any Potential Drug Interactions?

 Individuals taking MAO inhibitors or corticosteroids should not use this product.

Suggested Use:


Melatonin dose is recommended at ½ mg to 5mg ½ hour to an hour before bedtime.


 1 tablet at bedtime; 1/2 tablet may be sufficient for some people. Do not take more than 1 tablet daily unless recommended by your physician. Place tablet under the tongue and allow to dissolve slowly, altering the position of the tablet to avoid prolonged contact with the same area.


Free Of

Yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, wheat, sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, and artificial color, flavor, and fragrance.

Supplement Facts


Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Servings per Container: 200

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Vitamin B6 (from pyrdoxal -5 phosphate [Coenzymated])

335 mcg



5 mg


*Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Sorbital, mannitol, natural peppermint flavour, stearic acid & magnesium stearate.


For adult use only. Not for use by children, teenagers, breastfeeding, or pregnant women. If you are under medical supervision, or have an autoimmnue disease, diabetes, a depressive disorder, a thyroid condtition, epilepsy, leukemia, or lymphophoproliferative disorder, or are taking MAO inhibitor drugs or corticosteriods such as cortisol or prednisone, consult with your physician before taking this product.



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